We want to help you ensure that your purchase of an energy-efficient appliance qualifies for a rebate while funds last. We encourage you to read the list of

Cash for Appliances Utah Frequently Asked Questions

State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP) – Cash for Appliances UTAH Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the rebates be available?
A: The official start of Utah’s Cash for Appliances program is May 12, 2010.

Q: Will rebates be available retroactively?
A: No. Purchases must be made during the program period which starts May 12, 2010, and runs through
December 31, 2010 or until funds run out, whichever occurs first.

Q: What appliances will receive rebates and how much?
A: Clothes Washers (MEF ≥ 2.0; WF ≤ 6.0) – $75
Room Air Conditioners (All ENERGY STAR® Qualified Models) – $30
Gas Storage Water Heater (EF ≥ 0.67) – $200
Gas Tankless Water Heater (EF ≥ 0.82) – $300
Gas Furnace (AFUE ≥ 90%) – $300
Please visit Energy Star® for a list of qualified products:
Please note: The websites listed provide all ENERGY STAR® products. Please look for those appliances meeting
the qualifications noted above to qualify for Utah’s Cash for Appliances program.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for this recovery fund program?
A: The eligibility requirements set forth by ARRA and Utah’s SEEARP include (Utah health insurance information):
• Rebates are available to all Utah State consumers on a first-come, first-served basis until funds run out.
• Rebates are NOT available retroactively for purchases made before the official start of the program.
• Rebates are for the replacement of existing appliances in residential occupancies in Utah.
• Rebates are limited to two appliances per appliance type per household.
• Rebates are for appliances purchased from a Utah State store or where proof of payment of Utah State sales
tax is evident on the receipt. (Exceptions include purchases made on military base exchanges or by tribal
members with delivery to residences on tribal lands. Other exemptions may apply.)
• Rebates cannot be paid to commercial or institutional organizations, Community Action agencies, new
construction, or landlords, and even to a Salt Lake City Locksmith.

Q. Do I have to show proof of paid sales tax if I have my appliance installed by a licensed contractor?
A. Tax exemptions are available for homeowners who have their older appliances replaced with a qualified model
by a licensed contractor. It is understood that contractors pay sales tax on equipment and materials, not their
customers. If a customer purchases a product from a licensed contractor and has that same contractor install the
product, sales tax on that product has typically already been paid by the contractor. It would be ideal if contractors
would provide this information to their customers, but we realize this is not always possible. Exemptions also
apply for Military or Native American status. For more information, visit: http://tax.utah.gov/forms/2007/pub-42.pdf

Q. Can I combine the state rebate with other rebates?
A. Yes! To increase consumer savings, Cash for Appliances Utah rebates may be used in conjunction with existing
manufacturer, retailer, and utility company rebates. In many cases your local utility already provides appliance
and equipment rebates. We urge you to call your local gas or electric utility to learn more about their program
You can also search the Database of State Incentives at www.dsireusa.org. (Just click on the state of Utah map)
or check out www.energystar.gov/rebatefinder.

Q: Is this strictly a replacement program?
A: Yes.

Q. If I have never had a room air conditioner, but want one, can I buy one and get a rebate?
A: No. This is for replacement, not new purchase.

Q. If I have a storage water heater and want to upgrade to a tankless water heater can I do that and get
a rebate?
A: Yes.

Q. If I am building a new house (for myself to live-in – not as a landlord) and want these energy efficient
appliances can I buy them and get rebates?
A: No. This is for replacement, not new purchase.  Need St. George Utah furnished housing rentals?

Q. Does my current appliance have to be working or can I get a rebate if my current clothes washer, furnace
or water heater is broken?
A: You can still get a rebate on the new purchase if your current appliance is broken.

Q. Where, how and when do I apply for the rebate?  NOTE:  This program is now over!
A: The rebate application and instructions is available on line at www.CashforAppliancesUtah.com.
Application Instructions include:
1. Download the official Cash for Appliances Utah rebate application from www.CashforAppliancesUtah.com.  Purchase URL or Check URL availability.

2. Complete and sign the official rebate application. Make a copy for your records.

3. Attach a copy of a utility bill or State I.D. showing current address as proof of residency. This address must
match the address where the appliance is installed.

4. Attach a copy of your sales receipt for the qualifying appliance. The receipt must be dated and separately list the
appliance. If the receipt does not include proof of payment of Utah State sales tax please include a Consumer
Use Tax form or receipt from the Utah State Department of Revenue.

5. Mail, fax or e-mail the completed application form, proof of residency, and copy of detailed appliance sales
receipt to:
Mail: Cash for Appliances Utah
1400 SW 5th Ave., Suite 700
Portland, OR 97201
Attention: Cash for Appliances – Utah

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your rebate. Incomplete or invalid applications will not be accepted and will
invalidate the rebate.
Q: I can’t locate my model or serial number of the old appliance. Do I need to provide this information to
receive my rebate?
A: These numbers factor in to calculating energy savings. Applicants are encouraged to provide them. If you cannot
locate your old appliance’s model and/or serial numbers, please state the reason you are missing these numbers
on the application.

Q. Is it required to recycle these appliances?
A. The State of Utah strongly encourages customers to recycle appliances whenever possible.

Q. Will rebates be available for new construction?
A. No. U.S. Department of Energy requires us to restrict the program to replacement of existing appliances. One of the
goals of the program is to remove old, inefficient appliances from the grid.

Q. How much money is available?
A. The funding available for rebates to consumers is approximately $2,349,900.

Q. Why these appliances?
A. In determining which appliances to include in the rebate program, we considered the objectives of the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act, State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program and the amount of money
available. In doing our research we received input from the state’s electric, gas and municipal utilities. One of the
goals of the program is to introduce consumers to higher efficiency standards and create market transformation
bringing significant long-term benefits to Utah.

Q. Who is eligible for this recovery fund program and what can this money be used for?
A. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded the Utah State Energy Program with funds for the
State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP) through the U.S. Department of Energy.
Individual residential consumers in Utah replacing existing appliances with energy efficient appliances are the final
benefactors of the appliance rebate funds. These funds will supplement existing utility rebate programs and federal
tax credit programs.
Please Note: In many cases your local utility already provides appliance and equipment rebates. We urge you to
call your local gas or electric utility to learn more, or search the Database of State Incentives at www.dsireusa.org
or check out www.energystar.gov/rebatefinder.

Q. What is Utah Geological Survey’s role in distributing the money?
A. The Utah Geological Survey will facilitate the distribution of money through a rebate processing company. This
company will leverage and enhance existing marketing efforts being implemented by Utah utilities and retailers
to reduce administrative costs and maximize funds available for consumer rebates. Utah Geological Survey is
responsible for tracking funds and reporting to DOE.

Q. Are there any other rules or obligations I need to know about?
A. Remember that rebates are not available retroactively, rebates are not available for new homes and the rebates
are limited to qualified appliances. U.S Department of Energy requires us to restrict the program to replacement of
existing appliances. Any additional rules or obligations will be publicized as appropriate.

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