Gas Storage Water Heaters

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Cash for Appliances Utah provides $200 rebate on gas storage water heaters with an energy factor (EF) of at least .67. This rebate is available for replacing any type of less-efficient, existing water heater (not for new construction).

Please note: Gas Storage Water Heater rebates have increased from $50 to $200. All customers who have submitted an eligible application and/or received a rebate check for $50 rebate will automatically receive an additional check for $150. These additional checks will be processed in September and October. Please do not resubmit an application for the additional incentive.

Qualified Gas Storage Water Heaters (see list below).

Qualified gas storage water heaters are available at many local retailers or from contractors or plumbing specialists. If your appliance is purchased online or out of state, proof of Utah State sales tax is required, unless you have a military or Native American exemption.

If your purchase is through a contractor, you do not need to show proof of sales tax.

In addition to the rebates offered by Cash for Appliances Utah, your purchase could also qualify for rebates from your local utility company, the retailer or the product manufacturer. This program does allow you to collect rebates from multiple sources for the same purchase.

Cash for Appliances Utah is expected to result in the replacement of over 150 resource-wasting water heaters with high-efficiency gas storage water heaters.

Gas Storage Water Heater Energy Factor: 0.67 and above list:

A.O. Smith
Model EF
GAHH 40 100 0.7; GAHH 50 100 0.7; GPVR-40 100 0.67; GPVR-50 100 0.67

Model EF
PCG6240T403NO 0.7; PCG6250T403NO 0.7

Model EF
A10 40 YRVIT L2 1 0.67; A10 50 YRVIT L2 1 0.67; A6 40 YRVIT L2 10 0.67; A6 50 YRVIT L2 10 0.67

Model EF
D4403S*FBN 0.67; D4504S*FBN 0.67

Model EF
12 40GPC T 100 0.7; 12 50GPC T 100 0.7

Model EF
42VP40FN 0.67; 42VP50FN 0.67; PDV40 0.67; PDV50 0.67

Model EF
6G40PDV-40 0.67; 6G40PV-36FN 0.67; 6G50PDV-40 0.67; 6G50PV-38FN

Utah Energy Efficient Gas Storage Water Heaters Eligibility, Recycling, Parts

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