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PROGRAM PARTNERS Retailers, Contractors and Trade Allies

Cash for Appliances Utah Program Partners Overview

Retailers, contractors and heating, cooling & plumbing specialists are critical to the success of the Cash for Appliances Utah program. The state is relying on you to have enough qualifying product inventory available to meet consumer demand.

In addition, we hope that retail sales associates will have a good understanding of the Cash for Appliances Utah program, and be knowledgeable enough to help consumers find qualifying products, fill out rebate forms and inform them about additional retailer, manufacturer or utility incentives that may be available for the same product. It is to your advantage to promote Cash for Appliances Utah as a way of generating additional store traffic and sales for qualified appliances.

Contractors and trade allies have a unique opportunity to save consumers money by mentioning the numerous rebates available from Cash for Appliances Utah and utilities on qualified products. In many cases, these combined rebates will make an energy-efficient product as affordable as a less-efficient model.

In order to make this information as easy to convey as possible, Cash for Appliances Utah has a suite of materials available for your use.


Branding Guidelines

Cash for Appliances Utah Branding Guidelines for retailers are available here. These guidelines provide information about allowed program logo usage, and language that retailers may use on print and web materials.

All retailer created materials should contain the following sentence: Cash for Appliances Utah is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered by the Utah Sate Energy Program.

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Match Marketing

The Utah State Energy Program reports the in-kind marketing support that retailers, contractors and trade allies voluntarily give to the Cash for Appliances Utah program. This report is given to the US Department of Energy, and may result in favorable publicity for participating retailers, contractors and trade allies. The administrative and marketing budget for the program is purposely very low because the vast majority of these stimulus funds need to go directly back to consumers.

In order for your in-kind marketing efforts to be reported, you need to share them with us. In exchange you will receive a report that includes the estimated dollar value of your efforts.


Cash for Appliances Utah Program Partners

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Bob December 7, 2012 at 1:42 pm

How do I get a rebate on a new 95% effecient furnace installed in my old home when questar wont except it because the house runs on propane.


carlie bectell December 28, 2016 at 12:42 pm

Hello I would like to recycle\sell my used dishwasher for a little cash (if possible)


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